The Teddy Bear Foundation Success Stories 03

Story 1

P is a 16 year old female who lives in Randfontein. Her mother contacted TBC because she was worried about her daughters’ mental and emotional wellbeing. The client was involved in wrong friend groups, excessively made use alcohol on weekends and went in and out of multiple romantic relationship in a short period of time.  She had anger outburst at home and at school and the mom was not able to get through to her. She eventually disclosed to her mom that her stepfather used to sexually abuse her when they were still together. The client didn’t want to tell her mom as she was afraid the stepfather would hurt her mom as he was physically abusive towards the mom as well. They decided not to open a case as there are no evidence against him and they don’t want to go through the process of having to go to court and seeing him. 

The client was receptive to the therapy process from the onset. The focus of most of the sessions were on a positive self-concept.  After five successful sessions the client had a more positive outlook on life. She was determined to no longer try and find her value and worth in relationships but within herself. She shared that she no longer goes out to parties that much and enjoys spending more time with her family at home. The mother gave feedback that there has been a positive change in her daughter and that she no longer have anger outburst. She is also now more open sharing her feelings with her mother.