The Teddy Bear Foundation Success Stories 01

Story 2

J is a 17 year old female, she was brought to TBC by a social worker from DSD. She was sexually abused by her foster father for a number of years. She finally decided to disclose what happened to her. The stepfather then committed suicide right after her disclosure, leaving the family in shambles. The client struggled with shame and guilt. She also no longer felt wanted in her foster home. The social worker then placed her with another family in the same neighborhood. 

The client shared her feelings of guilt, loss, shame and how she tried to commit suicide many times when her foster father was still alive. She shared that she now has some kind of relief that he is no longer here but still did not want things to end like this. Despite the client continual process to emotional healing, being placed in another home environment made a huge different. She shared that she feels loved and accepted where she is now. The client is till attending therapy but there has been in improvement in her openness to share her feelings. She is no longer blaming herself for what happened as she realizes that he was taking advantage of her. The client has become more empowered to stand up for herself and to put herself first as opposed to being worried about pleasing others at her own expense.