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What we do

Our mission

Child abuse no more

To provide efficient and professional services that effectively promote healing and stop further abuse. This minimises and secondary harm to children and their families entering the child protection system

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Our services

Working with children & families

Our vision is that children will not be abused anymore, but where they are being abused, we want to provide efficient and professional services that effectively promote their healing and stop any further abuse. This translates into a mission to minimize any secondary harm to children and their families upon their entering the child protection system.

Victim support services:

Medico-legal Examinations

The Teddy Bear Foundation’s Medico-legal Clinic is a specialised medical facility for children who have been abused or neglected and a training service for medical professionals working in the child protection field. It is based within the Charlotte Maxexe Academic Hospital, and is run by a multi-disciplinary team of Paediatricians, Doctors, Forensic nurses, Social Workers and volunteers.

Forensic Assessments

Forensic assessments form the basis of court proceedings in convicting perpetrators of violence against children. They take the form of a structured process where the child is engaged through various techniques by our qualified Social Workers. The aim is to elicit information from the child victim regarding the details of an alleged crime and verify these through collateral sources, such as witnesses and other people known to the victim.

Psychological Assessments

This service was established specifically for children with cognitive disabilities to provide them with fair access to the criminal justice system. In the context of sexual abuse cases, the psychological assessment depends on the psychological questions posed by the court. In most cases, psychological assessments are aimed at determining the victim’s mental age as opposed to their chronological age, their capacity to testify with regard to an alleged crime, and the impact of the trauma on the victims.

Therapeutic Counseling and Support

Child abuse causes trauma and emotional scars that can have a negative impact on a child’s development and result in long-term consequences. Every victim of child abuse and their family is provided with the opportunity to receive therapeutic counselling and support. This enables the child and family to assume a sense of mastery to cope with the trauma.

We also provide supportive counselling to the caregivers of children who have been abused. In our experience, the better equipped the caregivers are to cope with the trauma, the better equipped they are to support the child through the process.

Court Preparation and Support

The Court Preparation and Support programme was established in June 1997. It focuses on providing children and parents with skills, emotional support, and legal knowledge in preparation for their appearance in court. The programme is process-oriented in that it includes support for the children and their families from the moment they enter the programme, through the often lengthy legal process, and after that with debriefing.

The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Victim Support
The Teddy Bear Foundation Wha We Do


Teen Moms Programme

The Teen Moms programme is a new service to provide teenage pregnancy support services in South Africa. The programme involves going into various township schools to raise awareness and educate teen moms on sexual reproductive health. We also link teen moms to supportive services and other teenage pregnancy support organisations in South Africa to decrease school attrition.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Support Programme for Abuse Reactive Children (SPRAC)

The SPARC program gives children a second chance in life by disrupting the cycle of abuse and diverting them away from the criminal justice system to prevent them from becoming potential offenders.

Alternative Therapy

We offer alternative therapy to build on children’s strengths in a more positive and meaningful way and provide them with alternative means of expression.

Group Therapy

We offer life skills that empower youth to understand the consequences of their behavior and prevent them from reoffending

Community Outreach

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Outreach

Our Gender-Based Violence outreach is an evidence-based programme to respond to and address violence against women and violence against children:

  • Targeting multiple stakeholders in child and adult populations
  • Challenging social norms about gender relations and the use of violence
  • Offering preventative measures and solutions to gender-based violence in South Africa

Changing views and norms related to GBV in South Africa is a necessary part of changing some negative aspects of traditional versions of masculinity. If children are to reach their full potential, the cycle of intergenerational violence must be broken. With a firm focus on boys and men, and empowerment of girls and women, we ensure that both genders are educated and empowered to raise awareness and change behaviours at all levels of society.

School awareness programme (SAFE)

The SAFE program is a prevention model that creates awareness in learners and educators about their rights and responsibilities. This expands on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. The SAFE program has a protocol training manual for educators on the identification, management and legislation pertaining to child abuse cases.

Sexual Violence Initiative in Schools (SEVISA)

The SEVISA project addresses gender-based violence in schools. It focuses on zero tolerance for sexual violence in schools. Girls’ Leadership Clubs have been developed in many schools to address GBV and enhance their leadership skills.


Support Programme for Abuse Reactive Children

The SPARC program gives the children a second chance in life by diverting them away from the criminal justice system and stopping them from becoming potential offenders

The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Diversion
The Teddy Bear Foundation Community Outreach

Multi-disciplinary training

Multi-disciplinary training

The Teddy Bear Foundation is one of the few organisations that provide holistic integrated services to children that have been abused, and we have been doing so since 1986.

Our impact

We are here for all children

The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Justice For Children

Justice for children

  • Cases reported – 677
  • Cases put on the roll – 78
  • Cases convicted – 26
  • Withdrawal – 44
The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Crime Prevention Dialogue

Crime prevention dialogue

  • 1228 children reached
  • 347 parents reached
The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Launch Together

Launch together to #ENDviolence

A partnership-wide campaign and Solutions Summit Series to raise awareness, share what works and catalyse political and financial commitments.

The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Court Preparation

Court preparation

  • Online support – 70 children reached on WhatsApp and other platforms
  • Offline support – face-to-face 1586 children reached
  • Psycho-Social support – 655 children reached
The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Unicef Partnership

UNICEF Partnership

  • (Gender-based violence and Femicide (GBVF), Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Bodily Autonomy)
  • Two provinces – 5 staff recruited and appointed.
  • Engaging with schools (Sexual Violence in Schools in South Africa (SeVISSA) programme)
The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Teen Pregnancy Intervention

Teen pregnancy intervention

  • 25 of girls who received support
  • 25 of families who received support
  • 108 of support provided to educators and schools.
International Platforms

International Platforms

The ISPCAN Milan Conference was attended by 164 delegates of various countries. Out of these 164 delegates only one, James Denison, was Deaf.

The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Equip ECD Practitioners

Equip ECD Practitioners

  • Identification, Management and Legislation pertaining to Child Abuse.
  • To address child abuse (Physical, sexual, emotional, neglect)
  • 1240 Practitioners trained
The Teddy Bear Foundation What We Do Protecting During Covid-19

Protecting children during COVID-19

By providing more than 2000 people with parenting tips, sharing information (pamphlets) guidance on how to make learning safe during school closures and masks given out.

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